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Indian Contribution in Medical Science: Dentistry

Author: Manidip Pal
Original article

Knowledge and Practice of Hand Hygiene during COVID-19 Pandemic among Dental Students in a Tertiary Care Centre: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Author: Manu Rathee, Prachi Jain, Maqbul Alam, Akanksha Gopal Shetye, Vipul Agarkar, Smriti Kaushik

Risk Factors, Health Beliefs and Preventive Behaviours of Osteoporosis among Women of a Selected Community of Assam

Author: Pallabi Borah, Uma Rani Adhikari

The Effect of Carbonated Drinks on Etched Enamel – A SEM study ( 28 - 33 )

Author: Sumeet Mishra, Shubhangi Ameet Mani, Aishwarya Sonawane, N.G. Toshniwal, Ravindra Manerikar

Risk Factors for Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Control Study in a Teaching Hospital of West Bengal

Author: Mainak Nath, Abhijit Haldar, Shweta Pathak, Manidip Pal

Local Infiltration of 4% Articaine vs Routine Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block with 2% Lignocaine during Impacted 3rd Molar Extraction – A Split Mouth Randomised Clinical Trial

Author: Sourav Kumar, Dipti Nayak, Musaab Khan, Shashank Kumar, Neha Nayak, Vaishali Samant
Review Article

SARS-CoV-2 Interaction and Role of Angiotensin 2 on Oral Wounds – A Questionable Role on oral Ulcerative Conditions (Wound Aggravation vs Wound Healing)

Author: Abhishek Banerjee, Elampavai Elangovan, Anirban Sengupta, Jagadish P Rajguru

Use of Antibiotics in Endodontics

Author: Paromita Mazumdar

Echoes in Endodontics: a Comprehensive Review of Applications of Ultrasonography in Endodontics

Author: Snigdho Das
Case Report

Gingival and Alveolar Fenestration of Lower Left Central Incisor : A Rare Case Report

Author: Suman Mukherjee, Sharmistha Dasgupta
Meet the Legend

Padma Shri Dr. V. Mohan

Author: Interviewer: Prof Subir Kumar Das
Instrument Review

Halder’s Uterine Manipulator

Author: Manidip Pal
Journal of the West Bengal University of Health Sciences
Vol 1 Issue 4 Date of Issue: April 2021